Regimen by JCole

This six week online program is designed to get you STRONG and TONED through yoga-inspired fitness and research-backed nutrition strategies.


If this sounds like you:

  • You’ve been there, done that. You’ve tried SO many apps, ebooks, programs with the latest fitness and nutrition crazes.

  • You yo-yo often with feeling good then feeling sluggish and not so amazing.

  • You’re motivated, but overwhelmed with where to get started on helping yourself feel better.

  • You understand there is a connection between the mind and the body but aren’t sure how to implement strategies to emphasize this connection to create lasting, meaningful, powerful change.

  • You’re tired of the “bandaid” approaches and are looking for a plan that’s all-encompassing and designed for the ENTIRE body (and mind!), not just simply slimming your midsection or giving you a bigger booty.

  • You want to get started on a life-changing approach that’s new, fresh and inspiring that’s going to help you gain strength and tone while improving your energy levels, reducing gut bloat and improving your skin health.

Then Regimen by JCole was designed for YOU.


dr. jillian cole

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Dr. Jillian Cole and as a naturopathic doctor, yoga instructor and someone who’s been through the ringer of health issues, I work with women just like you who are motivated to make lasting, meaningful change in their health and their lives.

I want the best for you. I really do.

I know what it feels like to be completely unhappy with my appearance, feeling so defeated with my health concerns and thinking maybe living with them is the only option left. I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom and like I can’t get back up again.

I’ve been to countless health care professionals to help me feel “well” without actually getting the results I was looking for. It wasn’t until I sat down and created my own plan for myself that I started to notice changes in my health, my attitude, my stress levels and my relationships with others. My business starting thriving and I finally could say that I felt like “myself”.

As a practicing naturopathic doctor and research nerd, I started formulating a style of eating that finally helped me with my chronic gut issues, helped reduce that constant whole-body “puffiness” and gave me lasting, sustainable energy that I hadn’t had in years. I implemented techniques from a variety of nutritional approaches to formulate a well-structured and nutrient dense macronutrient plan that highlights anti-aging, reducing inflammation and boosting energy and sustainability.

I also have a passion for yoga and immersed myself in learning as much as I could about the practice for about two years, before deciding to take yoga teacher training at a top yoga studio in New York City. I was also bored of the typical yoga classes where I felt like all I did was do some fancy stretches on a mat in a sweaty room for an hour. I knew what I liked, what made me thrive on the mat and what helped me build strength and advance my practice. So I created a yoga-inspired fitness plan that encompasses the elements of yoga that I love.

This program is the result of my own personal journey to optimal wellbeing. Through trial and error, a lot of time on PubMed AND on the yoga mat, Regimen by JCole is about whole body health, all in one place.

And trust me, I left nothing out.

Why Regimen by JCole?

Yoga-inspired fitness and research-backed nutrition for women who are tired of the fat loss fads and are wanting to make lasting, meaningful change.

I understand how it feels to hop on and off the latest and greatest fitness or nutritional craze to try and gain results but never really getting anywhere. I also understand the complete and utter annoyance of the “quick fix”, where in just 10 minutes a day you can become a fitter, stronger you.


And if you’re anything like me, I am SO over the HIIT and keto dieting craze.

I was craving a plan that made me FEEL good and helped me get in tune with my own body while gaining strength, toning up and getting rid of that layer of “inflammation” I seemed to have packed on.

As a naturopathic doctor, yoga instructor and someone who wanted to improve my own health and appearance, I submerged myself into the depths of PubMed and intensive yoga training to come up with an effective, sustainable plan that could actually achieve the health goals I (and many other women) were desiring. Not to mention more confidence in a body I was proud to call my own.

This six week program highlights the importance of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and stress management to build strength, tone up and achieve your health goals. This program will help put you on the track to lasting, sustainable success.


What to Expect

We get it - the struggle is real to attain (and maintain) a regimen for optimal health.  That's why Regimen by JCole is realistic and encompassing.  We don't leave anything out - obviously.

In your six week access, you'll receive:

  • Online access to exclusive program material

  • Downloadable workbooks

  • A complete research-backed anti-inflammatory meal plan

  • Full recipe guide

  • Education for intermittent fasting integration

  • Education on water fasting and fasting mimicking diets

  • A full yoga-inspired exercise guide

  • Yoga basics educational videos

  • Yoga-inspired fitness videos

  • Bonus 230+ minutes of yoga vinyasa flow videos

  • Top stress management techniques and integration (a seriously underappreciated aspect of our health)

  • Access to a community of other likeminded individuals to help you maintain accountability and gain confidence

  • Special bonus: skincare product do's and don't's from a top clinical aesthetician