Regimen by JCole

7-Day Whole Body “Detox”


It’s time to hit the “reset” button.

We’ve all been there. Feeling less than ideal, sluggish, bloated and a little “puffy”. Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button and start fresh.

Regimen by JCole’s 7-day whole body “detox” plan is just that.



Less acne breakouts, more clear and radiant skin.

Less body “puffiness” and not feeling so bloated after meals.

Waking up and actually having energy.

Losing those couple pounds that you seemed to have packed on over a holiday.

I’m with you! We all need a little restart sometimes, something that’s going to help us feel better on all of these levels while resetting some of our dietary habits.

We all fall off the band wagon from time to time.

The trick is to know how to get back on.


In this 7-day Plan, you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited, 14-day access to Regimen by JCole’s “detox” plan

  • Downloadable meal plan

  • Downloadable grocery list

  • A full week of breakfast, lunch and supper recipes

  • Access to order exclusive “detox” support products to enhance your results

  • Education on intermittent fasting and how-to’s to implement into your life

  • Education on water fasting as an optional extra to add into your “detox” week



How much is the “detox”?

$19.99 CAD

How long is the program?

Seven days, but you’ll have access for 14 days.

Is there an exercise plan?

No, this week is about “detoxing” from a dietary perspective and we should take it easy when we’re doing this. Easy walking and gentle stretching would be ideal during the “detox”.

After the “detox”, if you’d like to get started on full yoga-inspired fitness plan, I highly suggest you sign up for the full Regimen by JCole six week program.

What does the meal plan consist of?

This meal plan is gluten/grain/dairy-free. This plan is not vegetarian but the meals can easily be modified to fit vegetarian needs.

You have access to a full weeks’ worth of recipes that are simple and take limited prep time.

So what do you have to lose?

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